No Limits Selfies at Bike Races


Just a few bars into Stop, someone threw a shoe towards the stage and hit Perry Farrel in the face during a Jane’s Addiction concert in the 90s. Perry stopped the concert, told the fans, and the entire city of Spokane to F off. Then the crowd found the thrower and beat the shit out of him until security intervened, the lights came on, and we all left.

It was one of the worst and best concerts I ever saw. Shoe thrower was taught social norms by the crowd and for a few minutes, Navarro’s guitar left my head spinning with the intro by Cindy Lair

señores y señoras nosotros tenemos más influencia con sus hijos que tu tiene pero los queremos… creado y regado de Los Angeles Juana’s Adicción!

Today, let’s hope this selfie taker learned a lesson from those nearby too. And the whole way home, we were all like, “didn’t get to hear Been Caught Stealin’!”

Turn off that smokestack and that god damn radio Hum… along with me… Hum along with the t.v. A-a-a-a-h-o-o-o, oh no. No one’s-gonna-stop!

Photo: Kristof Ramon on Instagram.

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