I miss the 80s: Nicole Kidman in BMX Bandits



The year is 1983. Australia’s Phil Anderson places top-10 at the Tour for the third time in a row. The band Men At Work win a Grammy for Best New Artist. Meanwhile in that land down under, BMX Bandits combines BMX bikes and a grossly improbable plot into movie where Nicole Kidman’s rabid ginger afro overwhelms every scene. Still years away from her US debut in Days of Thunder, a gangly fifteen year old Kidman rides a homegrown Malvern Star SuperMax, but it’s a bit too noticeable when they swap out for the stunt double.


There’s a good chance that you didn’t know who Nicole Kidman was until Days of Thunder in 1990. However, at the time I was really into windsurfing, and Nicole Kidman starred in another Aussie movie called Windrider. That movie would surely be even less memorable than the sport of windsurfing itself, if not for the actress’ nude scenes. The year is now 2012, and it’s pretty difficult to find a screen capture online from that movie that doesn’t involve Nicole’s ass.

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