New Shoes from Specialized and Vittoria

It’s back to racing Cross today and I’ve got new shoes in from Specialized and Vittoria. The S-Works EVO MTB and Supra Carbon.

If you’ve been following along, I’ve had problems with cleats and shoes this season. Oddly too because I’m not mechanical or accident prone. So I’ve been out testing these shoes all week, mounting/remounting, clipping in/out in dry and wet conditions. Both shoes are high quality and comfortable. I’d wear them in different conditions.

Spesh Evo


Dry and Fast

For the dry and fast grass crits, it’s the lighter, stiffer S-Works shoe. The BOA system’s tendency to loosen up does cause some confidence issues. After a barrier, run-up, and twisting through chicanes, will the shoe pop off my heel in the mud pit? Hope not and click the BOA reel tight before the start. The Evo feels like a road shoe with a MTB sole weighing 740 grams per pair.


Vittoria Supra

Wet and Muddy

In the more technical muddy conditions, it’s the Supra. The sole combines carbon with resin to offer stiffness and some flex. Jumping on and off your bike repeatedly and briefly running is hard on your feet. A sole that flexes slightly is immediately noticeable when you land. The fastener isn’t going to slip and neither will the velcro straps. The lugged sole is grippy and thick. This shoe isn’t as light, as a road shoe like the S-Works though, weighing 910 grams per pair.

Compared to?

As I told Matt in this thread about the Supras, when he asked, “How they fit, like Sidis or like Giros?”

Like a glove for me and between the two. I’m like Goldilocks with shoes and Sidis are too loose because I need room in the upper for a high arch. Giros way too tight. I also wear Spesh S-Works road for the same reason. What’s really nice about the Supras, besides handmade in Italy, is the flex sole. It’s carbon with resin, so it takes the hit. I know there’s not enough market (yet) for a Cross-specific shoe, but a stiff-soled MTB shoe really beats your feet up hit after hit. You can tell right away when you land that the Supras have some flex in them. Same thing when running on them.

Considering the 200 grams between the two, the Supra is likely a 3 or 4 seasons shoe. Longer if I’m switching them out for different conditions. I’d like it if Spesh’s shoes lasted longer. The lightness and materials usually last for 2 seasons, in Pacific Northwest conditions. Your mileage may vary.

The Supra costs $315.00 and the EVO is $370.00 MSRP. Both are available at your local bike shop.

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