New Madfibers: Road.2

New Madfibers pair

A new pair of wheels, from Seattle-based Mad Fiber

Just announced all-new Madfiber wheels …

Based on Mad Fiber’s original wheel offerings, the Road.2 model builds on the company’s carbon-optimization philosophy through which the entire wheel design is re-envisioned to take maximum advantage of the properties of carbon fiber, yielding a wheelset that is at once among the lightest, most aerodynamic and strongest wheelsets on the market. As with its predecessor, the new wheels boast 60mm front/66mm rear rim heights, come with no rider weight restrictions, and tip the scales at a scant 1050g (tubular) and 1280g (clincher) per pair.

Mad Fiber Rear Cropped

Incorporating the red vines weave

There’s a whole lotta new in these wheels, including

  • Spoke positioning for the rear wheel
  • Freehub body design:
  • Axlesets
  • Significantly improved finish quality/appearance:
  • Custom graphics program

Rest of the story and reviews, as soon as we get to ride them. Noticed in the photos, they incorporated the red vines we saw last year at Interbike and shown in the feature I wrote for Wired. Read more on Mad Fiber’s site. Available now in Shimano/Sram or Campagnolo; Clincher or Tubular; and in your choice of graphic: Steel bearings $2999; Ceramic bearings $3199.


All kinda new

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