“Nah, we’re gonna work this out now”

Rama's bike.jpgA former employee at Davidson Cycles got his dirtjump bike that he made while working the frameshop stolen. Days later, the bike actually came into the retail shop, but we hadn’t heard about the situation and so didn’t seize the bike. When Rama the former employee stopped in next, we definitely put our palms to our foreheads. I myself didn’t see the bike (otherwise I would’ve called the original owner on my cell), but I did briefly glimpse the dude riding it when I passed by on my way to my mechanics’ corner. I described him to Rama; as luck would have it, he found the guy with the bike that night.

Rama walked up to the dude who was talking with his friends, put one hand on the bike and said “that’s mine”.

In the ensuing discussion, the dude and his companions admitted to buying the bike from some tweaker for $40, and then they asked for Rama’s number so they could work it out later.

Rama said, “Nah, we’re gonna work this out now.”

In the end, Rama gave the dude $40 bucks as a finder’s fee, so basically everyone got their fare share in the deal.

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