Motor at Joe’s


Yesterday morning I decided I needed naan bread for lunch, so I stopped by Trader Joe’s in the U-District for a bag of curry-flavoured naan. I’ve been riding my dropbar mtb a lot lately, and wherever I park it , my bike is usually the strangest ride on the rack. But not this time…no, not by a long shot.

A guy named Chris rides this motorized bicycle to work at Trader Joe’s. It’s got a single cyclinder engine with an “official” displacement of 48cc and will cruise at 25mph for 150mpg. Kinda cool.


Chris did the mods to this bike up himself, but he said that a friend of his is selling ready-to-ride motorized bikes here in Seattle. I didn’t quite get the name of the business, as I had to dash off to the bike shop.


Another guy I know is trying to mount a similar engine onto a bmx bike. I wonder if he’ll try to jump that bike.

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