MoSoPo or maybe MoSoWebo

Byron is always making up names for things, and normally I abstain from recreating the English language. But for some reason I couldn’t hold back once Byron started spouting MoSo instead of Mobile Social. I was thinking PoMoSo for “Portland Mobile Social”, but apparently Byron grammar has it as “Mobile Social Portland,” so we’ll have to go with MoSoPo.

But wait…I guess it might actually be “Mobile Social Webvisions”….hmm…..nope, MoSoWebo just doesn’t make as much aesthetic sense as MoSoPo.

Regardless, we’ll be in Portland tomorrow, having good times rolling around like the pied piper, gathering cyclists to foamy pint at Rontoms. We’ll be giving away another load of goodies from companies who believe in the Hugga way, like Breezer, Princeton Tec, Smarty Pig and HedCycling.

riding portland bridges.jpg

Something bizarre always happens when I go to Portland. This year I wonder if I’ll have a weirder story than the drunk guy who randomly walked up to us in the hotel lobby before last year’s Mobile Social Portland, started speaking German and then gave us a Hitler salute before walking back out into the street. It was one of those events where Byron and I were speechlessly confused. Just trippy weird

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