MoSo SXSW Rain Plan

As connoisseurs of rain, we’ll ride the MoSo this Saturday rain or shine. What type of rain does Texas get: pissing, drizzle, a deluge? Besides, we understand that Texas has been in a drought and needs it. I also fondly recall an old Trek ad showing Lance riding in the rain for 6 hours and then pulling into his garage. That motivated me more than once to ride in Seattle

Rain Plan

Urban Ride: 2 – 4 PM, March 14th, ride as planned. We’ve got a gigantic tent at Brush Square Park to wait out any storm clouds. We’ll group up, ride to Mellow Johnnys and then determine the best route.

BBQ: 4 – 6PM, March 14th – Our tent is protected from the elements and 50 degree temperatures are expected. We’re there with music, food, beer, schwag and prize.


If the heavens open up, and it’s a MOFO rain like this photo, we’ll marvel at nature’s power for a while, then ride …


Registration Reminder

See this post for all the details and register here

We’ll announce how to get your name on the VIP list for the Mellow Johnnys After Party during the BBQ.

Photo Credit: DKR

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