Mobile Socials 2010

Amsterdam is the back drop for the MoSos in 2010 and the kickoff of our meetups on bikes. Then it’s onto Mellow Johnnys for SXSW.

Mobile Social Worldwide: Amsterdam

Photo: a Shepard Fairey Mural in Amsterdam spotted during the Mobile Social Worldwide.

FITC Amsterdam


Our first Mobile Social of 2010 is in Amsterdam during FITC, a creative conference about design and technology. I’m speaking there about Changing the World with Bikes. We’ll meet outside the conference center and then ride to WorkCycles for a reception. RSVP now at Upcoming or Facebook

SXSW 2010

This is El Guapo, the Mucho Moso, where we do bike culture Texas style. Ride with hundreds of cyclists around Austin during SXSW. We’ll end up at Mellow Johnnys for a BBQ and Fashion Show. RSVP now at Upcoming or Facebook


We’ll have old and new faces joining us this year as sponsors. If you’re interested and want to get involved with what we do, please contact us.


Wonder what the Mobile Socials are? They’re events for like-minded cycling fans of all types to get together and talk about bikes. They’re like a coffee klatch on bikes, an excuse to get together with your buddies and geek out.

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