Mobile Social Worldwide: LDN, Daleks, BBC

After all the flying on Wednesday, hung out at the BBC with @fasonista. Jason Fields directs the User Experience team at BBC Vision, enjoys the bike, and we’ve known each other for years. He blogs at oyayubizoku and launched iPlayer, amongst other notable digitial achievements.

Dalek Encounter

Having fun with this (BBC/Dr Who evil icon) prop, Jason offered BBC schwag to the best caption

  directing UX design at the BBC

and so far, via Flickr, readers have submitted:

  • dartanyon: The Robotic Space Alien thinks to himself … I am tired of humans telling me the iPhone is smarter than I am … Maybe I will vaporize their planet. (permalink)
  • PostCyclist: TGet me a beer. And peanuts. Peanuts would be nice. (permalink)
  • longtailrider: TSteve Jobs’ source hands off 4G iPhone technology in exchange for robo-handjob. (permalink)
  • rak: TWe! Are! The! Superior! Interface designers! (permalink)
  • velofreak: Tokay, push that there. No, not that one, the other one!! Dang these new touch screens. My probe is too big to interface with them, so I have to use these unreliable carbon-based life forms. (permalink)
  • andrew_f_martin: TNot – not “duck thus shot”, that should say “fuck this shit”. Damn iPhone keyboard! (permalink)
  • londoncyclist: T s robot wife was not talking to him after he spent an entire day on his new iPhone reading cool facts (permalink)
  • Chris Matthews: TThis new TARDIS app for the iPhone is really cool, check out th….OH CRAP, !!! SHAKE TO UNDO! SHAKE TO UNDO! (permalink)
  • gnat23: TCom-mu-ni-cate! Com-mu-ni-cate! (permalink)
  • andrew_f_martin: TSeriously – you’ll LOVE the Grindr app! (permalink)

Those are good. Mine is: Dalek overcomes its former weakness with Touchscreens! Keep posting and Jason will chose the winner. That’s a bonus MoSo giveaway and cool.

BBC Bikes


As demonstrated by all the bikes on campus, the BBC commutes by bike. They also subsidize bike purchases by matching 500 pounds. For our US readers, imagine if PBS had a couple billion-dollar budget and was bike friendly, made some of the best TV programming, and focused itself on building the best web it could. A good place to work!


Today we’re riding all over London with Jason, AM, and meeting up with the fixed scene. Follow along here, on our new Travel site, and Flickr.

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