Mobile Social Worldwide 2009

As we’ve been tweeting, this Fall we’re taking the Mobile Social Worldwide to London, Amsterdam, and Prague with a stop in India.

Bike Hugger Mobile Social Portlan 2009 The Mobile Socials are usually timed to coincide with a major event in a host city. This year we were in Austin for SXSW and Portland for Webvision. For the Worldwide edition, we’re making the cities we visit and the cyclists we meet the event.

We’re putting the interwebs to work now thanks to our Rand McNally desk atlas and I-Ching sticks the details of the rides and meetups are emerging. We’ll post and tweet the locations and times as we land and ride in each city. Let’s all meet for tea and crumpets in London, beer in Amsterdam, Chai in India and… well we’re not sure what they meet over in Prague, but we hope to find out.

If you’re in one of these cities, stay tuned to our Twitter feed and the site for details of our our mobile social global hangouts.

Bike Hugger Mobile Social Portlan 2009


  • Arriving 10/20
  • Riding 10/21 – 22

Jason Fields is our host and we’re connecting with London Fixed-gear and Single Speed with visits to Two n Fro and Daniel Foffa.

London Messenger


  • Arriving 10/23 (day trip)
  • Riding 10/23

Marc/ Mindcaster AKA amsterdamized will host our day trip with a stop at WorkCycles for coffee, beer, and more.

Rented and Rolling in Amsterdam


  • Arriving 10/24
  • Riding 10/25 – 27

Working still on this stop.


We reserve judgement for what’s rideable and not when we arrive in a city. Maybe too insane to ride India or not but we’ll let you know. We’ve ridden Beijing, Shanghai, and LA!

Our Partners

The Worldwide edition will extend the community into Europe, we’re excited about riding with you, and bringing our partners along for the ride. We’re traveling with Dahons, Ibex Gear, Crumpler, Canon Cameras, and more.

More MoSo

Interested in the MoSos? We’ve made them more official with an overview document and what’s a mobile social. Contact us for partnership inquiries.

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