Mobile Social Webvisions Portland 2009

webvisions_robot.jpg Bike Hugger is bringing the Mobile Social back to Portland Oregon and exploring the future of the web at Webvisions 2009.

We’ll urban ride, party at a local pub, and put the “blog” in blogtastic at the conference.

Of course that means we’ll have schwag and giveaways as well.

We’re also hanging out in a Hugga Booth at the conference expo with special guests and events planned.

I’m talking about Being Interesting and doing epic shit.


Check the Mobile Social Webvisions page for the details.

Mobile Social Registration

Note you don’t have to attend Webvisions to Hang with Hugga.

Early Bird + Discount

Early bird pricing is still in effect and we’ve got a group discount for our readers. Enter BIKEWV09 when you register.

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Last Year

From the outside, the Mobile Social looked like this last year.

Mobile Social Portland Reception

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