Mobile Social SXSW 2010

The Mobile Social @sxsw is next weekend and it’s El Guapo, the Mucho Moso, where we do bike culture Texas style. We’ll ride around Austin arriving at Mellow Johnnys for a BBQ and Variety Show. If you’re not riding, that’s ok, just show up at Mellow Johnnys around 4 PM when all the MoSo magic goes down.


Urban Ride

2:00-4:00 PM

For the ride, meet at Brush Square Park, near the corner of 4th and Trinity, across the street from the North side of the Convention Center. Queue up in the bus lane. Google Map.

Find bikes to rent on Ride the City Austin.

Bikehugger Mobile Social - SXSWi 2009

A stop on the ride last year.

BBQ & Variety Show

4:00-6:00 PM

Show up Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop, 4th & Nueces between Lamar & Congress, Cesar Chavez & 6th. Google Map.

MoSo Crowd

The MoSo SXSW crowd.

Getting into the Party

This is important! With more than a thousands RSVPS, we’ll have to control the flow of crowd or the fire marshall will shut us down. At the start of the ride, we’ll hand out wristbands. You’ll need a wristband and/or a SXSW badge to get into the party or have your name on our VIP list.

Questions? Ask away in the comments and we’ll see you there.

Quick Access

moso_qr_code.png Scan that code for quick access to mini site with all the details. You’ll also find us on the SXSW schedule and the various guides to SXSW. We also have a flyer.


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