Mobile Social Portland Tomorrow

Quick reminder that we’re in Portland tomorrow for the Mobile Social WebVisions.


“We’re exploring the future of the web and riding bikes at WebVisions 2009 in Portland Oregon. We’ll urban ride, party at a local pub, and then put the “blog” in blogtastic at the conference.”

Portland Style


Meet at the Oregon Convention Center at 6:00 PM (MLK side near the bike racks) and urban ride to Rontoms. Bike Portland is leading the ride. It’s a relaxed, no-drop pace with Podcast Hotel bussing us back.

How to Win

Ride with us during the MoSo and when we arrive at Rontoms, we’ll hand you a raffle ticket. Hold onto it with all your hope, like Dorothy wishing to go home, clicking your bike cleats together. If we call the number, boom, you’re riding a Breezer 8 around town. We’re also giving away Hed Wheels, Princeton Tec lights, SmartyPig gift certificates, and more.

Attend WebVisions

If your attending WebVisions, along with all the other great content, I’m talking about interestingess. I’ll go over how we built Bike Hugger, what’s next for us, and more.

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