Mobile Social London with Mission Workshop

The Mobile Social London was like a Commuter Crit with a parade lap and blinky lights to celebrate. We were late and raced to Mission Workshop for the ride and reception in rush hour traffic. London is confusing enough and when you’re focusing on the wheel in front of you, it’s just a blur of a city: lorries, buses, taxis, statues, historic buildings all flowing past you.

Approaching 25 mph on Pall Mall with a Dahon Mu Uno, I said “well, if I knew it was gonna be that kinda party would’ve brought a geared bike!” A few more turns then curry and Bhangra drumming indicated we were at the Brick Lane and our destination.

Mission Workshop London

After introductions with Lyle, I admired the work of Super Ted and the 14 Bike Co. We rode mellow around the East End through a park and gentrified neighborhoods with this crew

Our Brit Bros

and arrived back at Mission Workshop for beer and chips. We talked about the British bike industry at length. There’s a renewed buzz in London with Boris Bikes (bike share named after the Mayor) attracting attention and investment. Gear suppliers like Shutt VR and 14 Bike Co are manufacturing in Britain and sourcing locally.

Imagine pedaling through a bright carnival midway. That’s what riding London at night is like. It bustles with life, sound, and smells. You’re on alert, but there’s also a calm to it when you turn onto a quiet street, in a brief lull, before another street with more fast pedaling.

Night Ride

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