Mobile Social Interbike Update

Just a week away from the Mobile Social Interbike and a few updates …

  • Xtracycle is our official longtail bike of the event – they’ll transport goods back and forth down the strip and give rides to the VIPs. They’re also bringing a bike blender.
  • Kryptonite sent us new locks to try
  • I’m wearing this shirt
  • Dahon is providing folding bikes
  • Novara is providing an urban bike
  • You know we’ve got free beer, right?
  • Will Lance race the crit? Maybe …


Give it away now

  • Crumpler is giving away high-end bags and schwag
  • Ibex is giving away wool clothes and schwag
  • Sportgenic is giving away adspace

Commute by Bike posted and attendees are started to sign up on Upcoming.


After the races, we’re going to all ride back down the strip (that’s a good opportunity for a light sponsor?).


You’re riding down the Strip, who you tryin’ to get crazy with ese?
Yes we are and as a group, behaving like a car, we’re good. We’ll take up the lane, with lights, and ride safely.
Do I have to ride?
No. The ride is optional.
I’m confused. What does it all mean?
We don’t know either; other than we’re going to ride our bikes, talk bikes, and have a good time with bikes, and give away bike product. This link should help explain it all.

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