Mobile Social Interbike FAQ

The Mobile Social Interbike is this week and we’re getting some questions:

So what’s a Mobile Social Event?
It’s like a Tupperware party for bike enthusiasts, only without the beehive hairdo or weird cult-like party games.
No really, what is it?
It’s an intersection of bikes, technology, and culture – we ride, talk bikes, party, and give away product. Learn more here.
What does it mean?
We don’t know or ponder such deep meanings, but put simply it’s for like-minded cycling fans of all types to get together, ride, and talk about bikes.
Where do we meet?
For the urban ride, meet at Sands Convention Center entrance nearest the Bike Valet.
Where is it?
For the social, find us near the finish line at the USA Crits Finals, Mandalay Bay. Look for the Mobile Social Banner.
Do I have to ride?
No, the ride is optional.
Where do I sign up?
On Upcoming.
What are you giving away?
Tons of schwag and gear like Hed Wheels
Who are the Sponsors
Sportgenic, JensenUSA, Crumpler USA, Dahon, Novara, Hed, Ibex.

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