Mobile Social Interbike 2011

We didn’t plan on coming back to Vegas and went out last year with hundreds of us on the Strip and a police escort. It was the best ever, replete with a chorus of “I love you mans,” during the street party. We planned on retiring that gig for others at SXSW, Portland, and elsewhere. But then …

MoSo with Da PoPo

MoSo with Po-Po

Interbike, New Belgium, and others pinged us and after some convincing we agreed. For 5 years we’ve ridden the Strip. This year we’ll do it again and will arrive at the Artifice Bar in the Old Town, Art District. This edition is sleazy, funky, arty. Last year it was our U2-on-top-of-a-record-store, disrupting-traffic, nearly-getting shut-down version. That was then. This is now.

You’re invited.



We’re riding the Strip to Downtown Vegas this year and will meet up at the Beat Coffeehouse & Downtown Cocktail Room.

When: September 15, 2011 | 6:00 PM outside the Sands Convention Center

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Who: Interbike Attendees, Locals

RSVP: Facebook | Twtvite and Onsite

Fremont East District

The Fremont East District offers an eclectic mixture of bars, clubs and cafes along Fremont Street from Las Vegas Boulevard to Eighth Street. The district continues one block north of Fremont Street to Ogden Avenue and one block south to Carson Avenue.


New Belgium and Tern are sponsoring the event this year. You want to get involved? Put a round of beers on your tab? Get in touch now and we’ll see you there.

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