Mobile Social Interbike 13

MoSo 12

Super Fun on the Strip with us and you

While in Vegas for SXSWV2V and a Mobile Social with our friends from Austin, we did some reconnaissance for the Interbike ride. We’ll start in the Mandalay Bay parking lot this year and ride to downtown for a New Belgium Block Party. Just like last year, but farther down the Strip at Mandalay. For those of you that have attended all 7 MoSos, we used to ride to Mandalay to watch a crit.

Details are posted on the Mobile Social page. Meet at 6:00 in the parking lot and ride starts at 6:30, on the Strip to Downtown. RSVP on Facebook. MoSos look like this and are super fun.

The MoSos are brought you by our partners like Tern and Knog.

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