Mobile Social Interbike 12

kim an alexis

Kim and Alexis salute the ride

Back for our 7th year, the Tern Bicycles Mobile Social Interbike will ride the Strip to Old Town Vegas and arrive at a New Belgium Block Party. This is what we do at SXSW, but in Vegas with way more neon and weirdness going on.

Mark whipped the crowd into an car-hating frenzy immediately prior to the Mobile Social ride. No, not really. He’s giving directions, telling everybody to stay right, obey the rules, don’t run lights, etc.

Photos: Cyclelicious

Every year we wonder how we get to do this ride again. As I told Mark V, “if I’d woken up with a goat in my room would’ve said, ‘hey cool do you know that dog with the camera?’”


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