Mobile Social @ An Event Apart

Where Bike Hugger was started on a ride in the Texas Hill Country, the Mobile Socials (our bike culture events) were thought of during an Event Apart Seattle – an intensely educational two-day conference for passionate practitioners of standards-based web design.

During AEA’s last visit here, I noticed a bike rack with other cyclists and talked to a designer about his ride in.

other designer, developer, creatives ride to events … Maybe they’re into bike culture like we are – hmm, that sounds like a group ride and party!

An Event Apart Seattle Attendee


Two years later and AEA is back in Seattle with Eric Meyer, Jeffrey Zeldman and their special guests. We’re joining them at the event with a Mobile Social. We’ll meet on Sunday May 3rd for an urban ride and beers and then on Monday AEA starts. We’ll have some schwag and we’re giving away a Yuba Mundo.

Early Bird + Discount

Early bird pricing is in effect through April 6th on AEA and we’ve got a Hugga $100.00 discount for our readers: save $200.00 total. Enter AEAVIP when you check out.

On Upcoming

Sign up for the the Mobile Social @ Event Apart on Upcoming or Facebook. The plan is to ride from the Bell Harbor Conference Center on Alaskan Way to Fremont for beers and apps at Brouwer’s. We’ll talk bikes, browsers, design, and more.

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