Milkit: Simpler Tubeless

The Milkit tubeless tire valves are simpler because of the one-way valve system when the valve core is removed from the valve.

This allows for easy tubeless inflation as airflow is significantly increased into the tire without the valve core inside the valve but then will also hold the air in the tire once it isn’t being inflated anymore.

(I have a hard time visualizing that, so watch the video).

The Milkit Compact Kit ($55 on Amazon) uses a standard syringe paired with a long tip to be able to check and refill your tire sealant without having to remove your tire.

Milkit turns a 15-minute messy process into a 3-minute simple and effortless system. I think it also means that sealant won’t foul the valve core either.

The process is

  1. Screw out the milKit valve core no air is lost, thanks to closed rubber flaps
  2. Insert the milKit applicator through the valve to measure the sealant in the tire.
  3.  Identify how much extra sealant is needed
  4. Inject sealant with the milKit applicator
  5. Put back the valve core and go ride!

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