Middle-aged career woman walks into a bike shop …

Checked in with Jacquie Phelan about women and cycling. She said her opinion was best expressed in this cartoon created by her and Greta Snider in 1993.


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Jaquie also posted her thoughts on her blog

I am surprised to think that the wacky tights could be construed as ‘sexy’ in the same way the Paula Pezzo cleavage and chamoisbeaver shots are. When I want to be sexy I disappear and come back muddy, although there was that one time I finished the Rockhopper without a jersey, but that was simply to help the announcer realize that second person across the line after the winner was in fact an androgynous babe. In 1984, there seemed to be no one checking race numbers against rosters to announce finishers by name. Really. For the record, my future husband Charlie was the first one across the line that day. The pro men did an extra four miles, so we weren’t the ‘real’ winners, just the first back to the keg.

Our shop has this poster in the mens room …


That’s Jaquie in a Rock Shock ad from the Rock Shox timeline on MOMBAT.

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Meanwhile Willow Koerber signed autographs in a bikini at the Mellow Johnnys Classic.

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