Miami destined to be a cycling city?

EcoVelo tipped me off to Miami’s plans to promote cycling.

The Miami Herald article: Miami’s long-downtrodden but growing community of bicyclists is reaping a sudden bonanza: Miles of new bike lanes and plans for more. A new monthly, family-friendly bike festival downtown. And a clutch of bike-friendly proposals designed to promote cycling for recreation and commuting. (complete article)

Having grown up in south Florida, I have my doubts about Miami’s long term success.

All of south Florida suffers from unchecked sprawl… unincorporated areas are islands of subdivisions both connected and divided by roads that are poorly suited for cycling. And the drivers there represent a…um, heterogenous mix of driving styles, though with a common disregard for cyclists. One of my least favorite places to ride a bike.

Cycling is not a respectable mode of transportation in south Florida, nor is it thought of as an admirable sporting activity by the average resident. I just don’t see that changing any time soon.

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