Mercedes Offers Overpriced Bikes to Complement Overpriced Cars


Because it’s not absurd enough to spend tens-of-thousands of dollars more than you need to spend on a Mercedez Benz, now you can spend hundreds-or-thousands of dollars more than you need on a Mercedez Benz branded bike.

The company is offering three models–mountain, road and folder–all considerably more expensive than they should be.

The limited-edition road bike has a limited production run of 100 units and features SRAM Red and… well it doesn’t really matter what else is on the bike, the thing costs $7000.

Likewise, the mountain bike has a Fox front and rear fork, SRAM components,Time AtAc pedals and a price tag of just $5700.

Last, there’s the folding bike, which weighs 16 lbs and “has a luggage rack” and costs just $2410.

Why not buy all three? You’ll only be shelling out $15,000 for three bikes, seems like a great investment. And I’m sure that the local Mercedez dealer will keep the bikes running smoothly when your local bike shop kicks you out for buying such overpriced gear from a bike dealer.

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