Meet Stumpy, Part of the Stumpjumper Trail Crew

StumpJumper Trail Crew.

Loyal readers will remember that a few months back I announced a super-tacular program Specialized was running, inviting people to compete for the one-year use of a Specialized Stumpjumper as part of their Trail Crew program. You might also remember that I shamelessly plugged for myself to be a recipient of said awesome-ass bike.

Well, I did. I’m now officially part of the Stumpjumper Trail Crew and this, my good readers is a photo of my new love Stumpy, just built up after finally getting it away from the idiots at Fedex Ground.

This means three things. First, I’m going to be doing a lot more mountain bike riding again (whoooo hoooooo). Second, I’ll be blogging about it on our new Specialized-hosted blogs (when they’re done being built, ahem,) and third, I’ll be putting a disclaimer in all of my posts about Specialized bikes and mention that I’m a Trail Crew guy. It’s only fair.

I’ll be shooting on and off this bike a lot and inviting people to come on group rides. In fact, my first group ride is planned for Wednesday the 11th of November at Stewart Air Force Base in NY. If you’re interested please send me a tweet @davidjschloss and I’ll get you the info.

Now, it’s time to ride.

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