Maxwell Hotel Bike Program

Delivered bikes to the Maxwell Hotel yesterday for their bike program. Guests can check out bikes and ride around town. The Maxwell is located in Queen Anne, near Seattle Center and has a bike lane right in front of it.

maxwell_hotel 1.jpg

Basket Bikes

It was like Xmas when we dropped them off with an enthusiastic staff greeting us and the bikes. We set them up with a variety of sizes and baskets for shopping.

maxwell_hotel 3.jpg

The Torker T-300 fit their budget and is a simple, steel, 3-speed city bike. The blue paint job really popped in their new lobby. I asked Tim Rutledge, from Torker, about the bike and he said:

Classic 3-speed redone with 700c wheels, fenders and racks.

We’ll follow up with the Maxwell in a few weeks to see how the program is working. They just opened. For more on hotels with bikes, read about the Bardessona in Napa Valley.

maxwell_hotel 2.jpg

You can find Torkers at your local bike shop.

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