Mavic R-Sys Recall

Mavic is in the midst of organizing a voluntary recall for all variants of R-Sys front wheels due to a possibility that the tubular spokes could break unexpectedly and cause a crash.

R-Sys recall.jpg

I can’t help but wonder if Mavic was too emboldened by their success with aluminium spokes (eg Ksyrium SL/ES/SSC and later Crossmax generations). I have always loved their premium hubs because they are so easy to service, so simple in execution. Beautiful. But I’m not so sure that the tubular carbon spokes are a good use of the material, and the bladed carbon spokes of the Cosmic Carbone SLR seem very un-aerodynamic. Hence my switch to Hed Jet aero wheels.

Still, Mavic does some things well. A set of Crossmax ST wheels will be the next and final upgrade for my dropbar Bianchi mtb.

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