Mark V in Taiwan 2010: Days 11-13

mark taiwan banner.jpg

11-13 last sunrise at Wen Wan

Just before departure for Taiwan


<a data-flickr-embed=”true” href=”” title=”7-8 ferris wheel ride”><img src=”” width=”1280″ height=”720″ alt=”7-8 ferris wheel ride”></a><script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

11-13 packing for the bus ride back to Taipei

<a data-flickr-embed=”true” href=”” title=”7-8 Rabobank and Vicky Liu”><img src=”” width=”1280″ height=”720″ alt=”7-8 Rabobank and Vicky Liu”></a><script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

11-13 ill-fated electric scooter trip

11-13 kate needs a right back to Taipei

11-13 I don't like it when lunch stares back at me

11-13 Taipei night market

11-13 Mr Hankie in Taipei

11-13 hotpot near the nightmarket


11-13 bike shop near the Victoria

11-13 museum of

11-13 Blacknell group photo.jpg

11-13 Giant store at coastal town Taipei

11-13 White brand derailleurs?

11-13 at the coastal town outside Taipei

11-13 last beer in Taipei

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