Manfrotto Launches New Pro Light Bumblebee Bags

I still haven’t found the perfect bag, probably why I have so many. The Thule is the closest to perfection so far and I’ve traveled with their camera backpack ever since I wrote about it last year during PressCamp. That doesn’t mean I won’t entertain something lighter with a breathable harness like the just-announced Pro Light Bumblee from Manfrotto.

Manfrotto is targeting the professional and amateur photographers and videographers who work outdoors and want a reliable and comfortable carrying solution. In hot days, I carry me gear in a Camelbak with breathable harness and suspension system. The latest from Bumblebee does make me wonder why camera bag makers haven’t developed their own suspension systems yet.

That’s probably next…the Bumblebee holds a ton of gear and costs $279.99. And, you could removing the camera padding and stuff a change of clothes in there.

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