Maloja Winter Cycling Apparel

Maloja Winter Cycling Apparel

Maloja winter cycling apparel is being worn this season by Pam (along with Gore for the really cold days fatbking). The summer kit fit her so well, she’s now warm and cozy on winter-weather rides. Also, around town and traveling with a puffy coat.

Maloja Winter Cycling Apparel
Maloja Winter Cycling Apparel on the Palouse to Cascade State Park Trail this fall.

Like the summer kit, Pam told me, “It fits together for a comfortable and good looking kit.  And at the backside of 55,  flattering, well fitting and comfort for the long ride is not achieved easily, and Maloja once again hits the mark.”

The fall/winter pieces Pam is wearing include…

ToadstoolM—The long-sleeve jersey is made from quick-drying, elastic Thermopile material. It’s worked best as a mid-layer on the bike. It features three back pockets, a reflective Happy Mountain print on the center pocket, and an all-over Maloja lettering print. $169.

Maloja Winter Cycling Apparel Jersey

Giaum Socks—These medium length cotton mix socks are printed with flying hearts and the cuff incorporates at heart shape at the back. The Thermal Stretch Eco material is quick drying. $10.

Pievem Headband—Also quick-drying, the bi-elastic headband is made of recycled materials, flat seams, and thin material that fits comfortable under a helmet. $35.

Marcenam Coat—A windproof, Primaloft BIO, very warm and breathable coat. The extended back is like a parka. It features a two-way zipper, with two side pockets and two patch pockets. Round Maloja lettering is on the left pocket. Probably everything Maloja does with their fabrics is built into this coat. It’s functional, stylish, and made with recycled fabrics. $329.

The tights Pam has are sold out on Maloja’s site. They are thermal tights with a bib similar to Raukem. Maloja offers a pad for those called the Lainm.

The Maloja Story

To get a better idea of who Maloja is, watch their story video. They have an extensive line across disciplines. The brand has been around since 2014 and in the US/Canada since 2017.  The attention given to every stitch and word on the packaging is noticeable. That’s rare. So is a brand like Maloja. Through two seasons so far, they bring their fresh styles to market.

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