Malarkey and Pam

That’s Andy Clarke and Pam hanging out at the Edgewater talking iPads, web, travel, and eventually the bike.

Andy said

What is it with web geeks and bikes?

“Well that’s the thing,” I responded and why we do events at Web Conferences. The bike is a connector, something in common we can geek out on besides programing and pixels. If you’ve read us for a while, you likely know we started our Mobile Socials after attending An Event Apart in 2007. I spotted other cyclists at the event like me and thought, “huh.”

A few years later, we had a Mobile Social during An Event Apart 2009 and thousands have attended our Mobile Socials during SXSW. This year we’ve got more events coming during Northern Voice, Webvisions, and NXNE this year.

See you there.

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