Making a Magazine and Eating Pizza


Valentine’s Day Push Notification from us

As the editor and publisher, I think 09 is our best issue yet and it dropped on iTunes last Friday. What I’m excited about is we made a bet on micropublishing and our subscriptions are about to take us from a package of ramen per issue to throwing a pizza party.

As Glenn Fleishman said to me about selling niche content, “it’s so easy, do it yourself.” Well it ain’t that easy, but you can certainly do it yourself; just like making a ‘zine with a desktop publishing mac, back in the day. Before we launched the magazine I talked to Glenn and he said

Micropublishing is very exciting. It doesn’t remove the time, effort, and potential cost of producing editorial, but it dramatically reduces the production and distribution part of the cycle. The low cost of new platforms means that it’s possible for publications to thrive based on pure love (like zines and even home mimoed publications in the old days) all the way up to the New Yorker. I can see an ecosystem of many micropubs that have 5,000 to 50,000 regular subscribers, and a fair amount of money being put out for freelancer writer, photography, and illustration that has evaporated from the print world.”

Indeed and thanks to all the subscribers. We’ve got much more coming with Droid and Windows views soon. You can find Bike Hugger Magazine on iTunes. Here’s more about the issue and the Valentine’s Day theme.

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