Made You Look

bike gawkers.jpg

Today’s my day off, so before I prowled the city, I needed some fuel. My picky girlfriend recommended New China in the U for authentic eats, so I got me some orange beef and watched people rubberneck at my new Davidson BMX bike locked up outside. I couldn’t believe the number and diversity of people who stopped and did a double-take. Bike nerds, a guy with a baby sling, construction workers…

I’ve been thinking about the name for my bike. Now that the bike is all built up and capable of flight, somehow “goblin” doesn’t seem to describe it properly like it did when the bike was merely a oddity on the welding jig. I’m leaning more towards something like the Davidson “Sonic” BMX. I’m also trying to talk Bill Davidson into doing a 10 frame run of these bikes in cromoly without the S&S couplings. Just the vertical dropouts with disc mount, one size (20.5” top tube), one colour powdercoat. We could make them during the winter when the custom bike orders slow. The bike is unbelievably fun, there could actually be a market for it.

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