Made in Seattle: Greenlite Pants


Greenlite G1s

I don’t often wear pants, but when I do, they’re Greenlites and made here in Seattle. I’ve been wearing them so much, Pam asked, “when are you going to wash those?” After wearing them to fish at Lincoln Park, I did, and carefully to keep the DWR beading water and I want these to last.

Gear comes and goes at Hugga HQ and occasionally a piece lands in the favorite drawer. Greenlites are it with their bike-riding features. It’s the Swiss Schoeller fabric that’s all-day wearable in coastal Seattle and the dry desert of Vegas. Are these travel pants? Yep that too. Read more about the G1 on Greenlite’s site and for a handsewn pant made with Schoeller, yes they’re more expensive than those imported from Asia.

Again, I like these so much, G1s are featured in the Go-To-Gear section of our Magazine, Issue 04 and that’s being written now.

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