London’s Cycle Cafes

We’ve enjoyed the times we’ve ridden in London, hanging out with the LFGS crew. While there, we just found a pub to drink, eat, and play darts with AM – even saw a dude get a dart in the butt (it lodged in his chamois and he couldn’t shake it out), which was totally awesome.

Anyway, today, T Magazine reports on London’s Bike Cafes


Photo: Risa Sano

Despite the occasional suit-wearing office worker who wanders in for lunch, Look Mum No Hands functions as a kind of cyclists’ salon. Serious riders bring in expensive racing bikes for repairs; bike messengers sit in the attached courtyard fueling up with quinoa salads; and curious commuters lock up their bikes out front and come in to use the free Wi-Fi or study one of the giant cycling maps.

Certainly not a new idea, but servicing a growing demographic and a great location for Bike Snob to steal away and write another book. In our travels, we’ve visited One on One, Juan Pelota, and more. We’re back in London this Fall and we’ll check these new cafes.

What’s your local bike cafe or haunt?

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