Logan’s Dangling Gold Chains look Belgian

Totally Pro Logan Owen Won Today

The gold makes you go faster

I showed up for the Seattle Cyclocross race at Marymoor just after Logan Owen won the Elite mens race. Logan is signed with Redline through the 2013 Worlds and has one more year as a junior. As a Neo Pro, Bro’s got the dangling gold chains, looking Belgian, and fast. Herw he is talking with me on video. Note a Seattle Squall started right as I turned the camera on. Sorry about the wind noise.

Also seen in the video is Kari, another Redline Pro, with their new carbon bike and a look at the “absolutely no shudder” fork.

Kari's New Redline Carbon Frame

Kari’s frame just arrived

Massive, over-sized fork

Also watch for A-Class’ new carbon wheels in the video.

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