Lobster Lock Attached Folding Lock

Lobster Lock Attached Folding Lock

The Lobster Lock attached folding lock is a solid option for those rediscovering the bike. After buying a new bike, you don’t want it stolen. Lobster Lock started as a Kickstarter campaign two years back. I was recently connected to them via a PR colleague. It costs $74.99.

The lock is a simple and smart design, similar to an Abus folder. It benefits casual riders and those riding electric bikes. The Lobster Lock mounts directly to the frame via water bottle cage bolts. That means it’s always with your bike. The set set of long arms (33 inches), reaches through the front wheel and a rack for the attachment point.

I’ve tested it out. The Lobster Lock is super simple to use. It doesn’t slam up against the frame when trying to set in place and stays with the bike. Just note that it’s not an overnight or day lock. All locks are breakable. For instance, the wafer, tumbler lock can get picked by a determined thief.

The Lobster Lock attached folding lock is a good option to prevent crimes of opportunity. Mostly, it’s easy to use. I think perfect for an ebike, as long as you’re not concerned about weight. The lock does take up front triangle space.

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