Little Things from Lezyne


Now inside the tool roll

It’s the little things, like a control valve on a Co2 inflator, that can make a bike difference on a long ride. This is a CNC alloy, prototype Lezyne inflator. It’ll ship soon and costs $26.99 with two cartridges and a neoprene sleeve. I picked this up at Sea Otter and it was in the group of products shot for Wired by Jim and Jake

Tool Roll

City of Marina, Best Western shoot

The scene in the City of Marina was 3 bros in a Best Western room full of bike schwag taking photos. The inflator was like a little Easter Egg present to myself, when I found it inside a bag I unpacked yesterday. I forgot I’d grabbed it and after fiddling with it for a while, and taking a photo, it’s now inside my tool roll and with me on the ride today.

I’m riding 4-5 hours, both days, ramping up for rides in Santa Cruz next weekend, and thinking bought the stories for the 12th issue of our magazine that drops next month.


A well-lit, fat hub, didn’t end up in my bag, like the inflator

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