Limited Visibility in the Rain

Limited visibility

Over the weekend, on Sunday, rode the I-90 bridge by memory. This photo is from an onboard iPhone camera in front-facing mode and shows visibility at about 10% from car spray. An earlier squall left standing water on the road. Anticipating an epic crossing, I quickly took the photo as we descended the ramp to the bridge bike lane. Then put my head down and kept a steady pace to the other side. The spray was as constant as the wind and polluted with run off from the cars. I’ve crossed that bridge thousands of times, but never like this. Gluckman was on my wheel and I knew all he could see was my tire.

We were here and could barely see

On Mercer Island, after the bridge deluge Gluckman said almost poetically

I get a rush from mastering the elements. Being comfortable in miserable conditions with the right gear.

Don’t know if I could sum up riding in the rain better or how we get through it hour after hour, then treating it as a challenge in itself. Especially when the weekend before, I failed at it and Mother Nature reminded me who the boss is.

To get a photo that fast on the move, I used the Cypher Gloves and the iPhone was in a Biologic Reecharge case.

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