Lewis and Clark Road, Seaside OR

crappy camera

How’s this crappy cell phone camera photo look on your retina display? Road was great!

On vacation in Seaside OR, we set out for a quick spin to loosen up the legs after racing Monday and Tuesday night in Portland. Found one of the best roads we’ve ridden together. Then Pam saw a Ghost.

Lewis and Clark Road has a gradual climb with flowing descents into S curves and well-worn chip seal with a generous shoulder. Just a few cars passed us and we could’ve ridden all day, but had to get back to the family and a visit to Cannon Beach for salt water taffy. Didn’t see any locals out there, but expect if we did, they’d share the various routes and loops.

Pam may have seen her reflection briefly in my eyewear or something else. We don’t know, but of all the miles I’ve ridden with her, she’s never reacted like that to a rider that wasn’t there. She kept looking back over her shoulder

What’s back there?

There was another cyclist, in a yellow jersey following us for the past few miles, on your wheel.

No one back there, I’d know if so, and no one was there.

Weird. Saw a cyclists get on your wheel around that bend, then he was gone. Really weird.

It was weird and we’ll remember it as the maillot jaune ghost of the Lewis and Clark Road. He appears at the bend, drafts, and disappears.

Back in Seaside, these vacationers passed by



and then at Cannon Beach a couple Super Friends greeted us.

Super Friends Activate!


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