Lazer Helmets

I’ve got this thing against inappropriate use of the letter z. Like when people use it at the end of a word instead of an s, in an effort to communicate coolness and plurality simultaneously. I also hate it when a “z” is meant to confer high tech. Like when people spell the word laser with a z, because the word laser is an acronym. And it doesn’t mean:

Light Amplified by Ztimulated Emissions of Radiation

But in the case of Lazer helmets, based in Belgium, I’ll have to overlook this transgression. Because I found their helmets to be unexpectedly rich in technical features, key among them is what Lazer calls “Rollsys”.

Rollsys consists of a dial mounted at the top rear of the helmet that reels in a braided steel cable. The cable tightens the plastic cradle around the whole perimeter of your head, not just at the back like most helmets. The action is quite light, without any ratcheting index points on the dial, allowing very fine adjustments to be made while riding. The Rollsys helmets feel light on the head with no pressure points.

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