Lazer Aero Shell

crawl_walk_play.jpg Ya know those helmet covers that Freds wear? That look like this Thudguard in various forms, including Goretex


and 1-Up Mushrooms


Lazer wants you to think about them as the newest new accessory. You likely noticed the Aero Shell during the Tour of Flanders and we asked each other, “what’s that on his head?” It’s

a plastic cover, designed to fit perfectly over the Lazer Helium road helmet. The Aero Shell snaps into place and protects the riders head from wind and rain while still allowing for some air movement under the front of the helmet and out the rear vents. The Aero Shell is unique in that it is easily removed from the Helium helmet when riding conditions are such that additional ventilation is desired.

Mikhail Ignatiev (right below) spent nearly 200 kilometers in a breakaway during the race.


Lazer will roll out another shell for Paris Roubaix and we’ve got a call in for a Bike Hugger edition. We also dug the Urbanize and the O2 RD.

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