Las Vegas is a Bike Town

Vegas isn’t really known as a bike town. Well it is. We’ve ridden all over and it’s tame compared to riding in Beijing or LA. Just like any other city, Vegas has bike shops, a scene, fixed, and Critical Mass too.


Just down the street from our hotel last year was Sexxpresso where we’d ride on up each morning last year during Mix 08.

Bike Hugger @ Mix 08 -- Coffee Run 2

If you’re in Vegas and need a bike, Rent a Bike Now links travelers to local bikes shops for bike rental and found Las Vegas Cyclery and Southwest Bikes. Pro Cyclery also rents bikes.

Could probably pick up a fixie at a pawn shop for the price of a rental and ride it the 14-mile bike expressway to Red Rock Canyon or the Calmest Road in America.


If you’re hungry after all those miles you can find the worlds-largest chicken parm. I got through half it.

We’re back in Vegas next month for Interbike, the bike industry’s big show and if you’re in town, please join us at the Mobile Social. We’ll ride the strip, geek out on bikes, and tech. Mostly have fun in all the neon.

Photos: Las Vegas Critical mass | Las Vegas Fixed

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