Lance the Persecuted

Saint Lance of Austin, Patron Saint of the Persecuted

For me, a bully playing a victim is the most unhinged, unsettling aspect of this sad sports story. The news about it continues today with a Velonation Travis Tygart interview.

He knows all the evidence as well and he knows the truth, and so the smarter move on his part is to attempt to hide behind baseless accusations of process.

WADA weight in

I think that’s disappointing … He’s never gone before a tribunal. There’s never been a hearing related to this behaviour, so what is he tired of?

And the NYT gives us a timeline with Juliet Macur noting

He overcame the odds to beat the disease. He then showed amazing strength and resilience by returning to cycling to win the Tour in 1999, gaining a mass of followers with almost a gravitational pull. They idolized him for showing that cancer could not stop him.

I’m also feeling it for the web developer who’s searching and replacing 7 Time Tour de France winner with_________.

Saint Lance image is courtesy of Sal Ruibal. It’s from a USA Today cover story he wrote in 01.

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