Lance Meets Emma Drops Bombs

Lance Emma

Screen capture from Daily Mail video

Lance is spending the only currency he has left and that’s to tell all. The bomb he dropped in the Daily Mail isn’t surprising for those that follow doping in the sport. What the explosiveness also reveals is how bike industry media still doesn’t tell the story. 2 weeks ago, and what prompted an editorial in our Magazine and a post on Medium, is Lance’s interview with Bike Radar. In a 2 part exclusive, he said he was ready to talk and didn’t say anything substantially more than what he told Oprah.

As the conspiracy blows apart, it’s time for a what did you know and when did you know it moment in the sport and to follow the money. Meanwhile, the old-schoolers in the sport still marvel and sell Horner’s “amazing win.” We hope he’s present too at the UCI’s impending Truth and Reconciliation committee meetings.

Those meetings may play out with the same irony as this interview being done in Celebration, Florida, developed by Disney and where The Truman Show was filmed.

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