Lance Herbstrong UPDATED

Lance Herbstrong

Photo: @trulygreatmadness

We don’t think Lance should ever race his bike competitively again, but if he remakes himself as a celeb stoner playing drums in a band called Herbstrong; well, allrighty then! Where we live, it’s already legal, so hey pass that giant blunt around, play the music and sing about legalizing it. Consider too that the modern bike industry was built with a couple joints, coffee, and klunkerz. The titans that run the industry today are just a slice of avocado, a million bucks, and a splash of bong water away from the hippies they used to be.

Never underestimate Lance too. This photo popped in social channels on 4/20, the stoner holiday and when the mood of the country has shifted to accepting weed, even legalizing it nationwide.

Maybe Herbstrong is a new meme band for Lance, made from hemp, and green with a pot leaf on it.


Now there’s video and, “in case you didn’t know, the guitarist for Lance Herbstrong is Peter DiStefano from Porno for Pyros, Perry Farrell’s band after Jane’s Addiction!”

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