Lance and Oprah Schaudenfreude Viewing Parties

This Thursday Lance will go on Oprah to probably make a complete, honest and pubic apology for his wrongdoing, promise to champion dope-free cycling teams and stop taking millions from his charity in the name of cancer patient supportstart the media train that will be his re-comeback to professional sports.

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, you can join in on the fun with a few parties being held on opposite sides of the continent.

For residents of PDX, head on over to Rapha’s new home near the Pearl District to watch “a live feed” of the event. Directions and details are here.

If you’re in the 212 you can visit Cannibal Beer and Butcher for a viewing party with Rapha and GAGE+DESOTO. I’ll also be there for BikeHugger sorta-live blogging (depending on how much of the beer I have. That event is at 8:30pm at 113 East 29th Street (Between Park and Lex.)

My money is on the following scenario: Lance gives a teary confession to doping, but not to being a mastermind behind a doping ring. He apologizes just enough to make the Yellow Bands feel awesome about supporting a man who was just doing what he needed to do to help cancer patients. It won’t be enough to heal cycling, it won’t be enough to implicate the UCI and the other complicit organizations but those magazines and media outlets that rode the Lance gravy train will feel good running stories on his “apology,” his “clean comeback” and his new era.

If you’ve got a viewing party planned, let us know in the comments.

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