Korean Actress Yoon Eun-Hye on a bicycle

For the Korean television series My Fair Lady(2009) , it was reported that popular K-drama actress Yoon Eun-Hye learned to ride a bicycle for her role as a spoiled heiress. In a particular scene, her romantic counterpart – an argumentative butler with low class roots – teaches her to ride a bike. Actress Yoon showed her professional resolve by learning how to ride a bike for the role despite her initial fears. In a neat twist, fact mirrors fiction. But what is really fact, and what is really fiction?

For her role in the earlier (and much better quality) K-drama Coffee Prince(2007), the actress filmed multiple scenes in which her character, a hardworking tomboy, makes morning deliveries by bicycle. She’s also seen making noodle deliveries via motorscooter. A more cynical view would hold that the story about her learning to ride a bicycle for the later series was just a publicity sleight of hand.


A year after My Fair Lady Yoon Eun-Hye modeled for Basic House China for their Summer 2010 Collection. Several of the photos depict her riding a bike. So, whenever she may have learned, it appears as if Eun-Hye still remembers how to ride.


If there’s one thing I know to be true, it is that one should never try to teach a hot Korean girl to ride a bike…because your ex-girlfriend who was a non-friend associate with the Korean girl will find out years after the fact and get super-pissed about it (even though the ex broke up with you a year and half prior to the bike lesson) but not say why until 6 months elapse when you will ask her why she’s being so…er,unpleasant…. at which time she will tell you that she doesn’t need friends like you and then tell you to never contact her again. And that’s why I’ll never be welcome in Baltimore.

…..oh, and here’s a gratuitous magazine cover of Eun-Hye. I looked really, really hard, but I didn’t see a bicycle in this particular photo


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