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Streamline Wheelset KORE Streamline Wheelset

KORE Components have been around for quite a while. When I worked at a shop in High School, KORE was the hot setup to have with the Mountain bikers. I guess I always just equated them with off-road kit.

Today, they still make some top-notch mountain bike parts, but I was surprised to see how much really nice looking stuff they had for the road and cross. Their wheels are really nice looking with sturdy looking hubsets and freehubs. Their price point makes them an good alternative to some of the more established players in the area.

KORE I-Beam Seatpost KORE I-Beam Seatpost <br/> I spoke with Wick who represents the brand a little about what’s new. I found that they are really excited about the I-Beam saddle system. I’m probably not the right guy to talk about bending rails since I’ve only done it once, but this system all but eliminates that problem.

FYI on Wick: For those of you who have ridden at South or North Seatac in Seattle in the Indie Series or at one of the Cyclocross events there – you probably have Wick to thank. He’s one of those guys who has made Seattle racing and events happen for years.

More on their offerings after the jump…

KORE Fixed Wheelset Like most of the other players, KORE offers a flip-flop wheelset for single/fixed riding. The white spokes look awesome.

KORE Bar/Stem in White Since white is the new black – KORE is there with bar/stem/post ready to bling out your whip.

KORE Cross Canti's and Cheaters The items I wanted most for my cross bike are their Palmster cheater levers and Cross Race Cantilever brakes.

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